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Scarlett Leadership Institute is now Work Institute

Work Institute is a leading partner that helps businesses become increasingly better places to work and increasingly more profitable, through fundamental, evidence-based workforce intelligence and change.

We conduct voice of the employee research that delivers real reasons behind employee attitudes and behaviors with deep insights – not just biased ratings. Using an evidence-based approach, we help understand, plan and implement data-driven workforce interventions and changes. With our approach, Work Institute will help you increase retention and improve the bottom line of your business.

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Emerging Leaders - Starts June 27, 2017

Targeting beginning to mid-level managers who aspire to grow in their positions as well as prepare for future opportunities, this program will provide eight class days on those topics most foundational to leadership success.  Participants will be accountable to the class for reporting on their progress at each session.

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Signature Executive Program - Starts July 9, 2017

Open only to high potential individuals nominated by senior leadership in their organizations, this "for-leaders, by-leaders" executive education program was designed by leading business minds to develop the people and talent they most need to support the continued success of their organizations. The program offers a unique and engaging means of transferring leadership experience to the next generation of business leaders.

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May 9, 2017 Conference Call

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Joe Scarlett and Mary Fink welcome special guest Danny Nelms to discuss the 2017 Retention Report: Trends, Reasons & Recommendations to learn the truth about the employee marketplace and best practices for taking action using workforce intelligence.

Danny Nelms, President of Work Institute

As President at The Work Institute, co-writer of The Why Factor: Winning With Workforce Intelligence, and a highly sought after public speaker, Danny Nelms is an agent of change, a thought leader, and an expert in helping companies forge new directions that improve business results. Nelms’ background and 20 years of experience have given him the ability to influence corporate culture and human capital initiatives in areas including organizational improvement and effectiveness, leadership development, performance expectation, talent acquisition, executive coaching, succession planning, and mergers and acquisitions. His proven track record in successfully managing teams in both human resources and corporate services, as well as his successes in aligning organizational strategies to achieve business objectives have made him a popular choice on the speaking circuit.

Dr. Lindsay Sears, Ph.D., AVP of Research & Analytics

As AVP of Research and Analytics for Work Institute, Dr. Sears works with organizations to reduce turnover, improve performance and drive higher levels of engagement in their workforce. She is advancing the science of employee engagement, performance and retention by uncovering insights through research and analytics and testing new, innovative approaches in Work Institute’s research methodologies and solutions. Prior to joining Work Institute, Dr. Sears spent several years consulting to Human Resource and Organizational Development groups and served as executive director of advanced data sciences at Healthways where she led an interdisciplinary team of scientists in advanced research, analytics and development of tools to improve employee well-being. She has published several book chapters and research articles on the topics of retention, health care, measurement, well-being, stress and organizational performance.