November 17th Conference Call Topic:
Storytelling in Business

Join Joe ScarlettMary Fink and special guest Susan Williams as they discuss why storytelling is the most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit. They will discuss different types of stories, the distinction between a story and a conversation, and how stories evoke emotion that help us persuade.

Kinds of stories include:

  • Who-am-I stories
  • Why-am-I-here stories
  • Teaching stories
  • Vision stories

November 17th - Noon central
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Emerging Leaders - Fall 2016

Emerging Leaders program is designed for high-potential managers who aspire to grow in their positions and progress toward executive level responsibilities.  With high accountability and focus on positive development change, this program will provide eight class days on those topics most foundational to leadership success.  Participants will be accountable to the class for reporting on their progress at each session.

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