FREE Lunch and Leadership Conference Call!

November 3rd, 2014 - 12:00-1:00pm (central) - Click here to register.

Our topic - “Feedback”

We all know that feedback is essential for healthy relationships and professional development, but we all dread receiving it and often dismiss it.  Join us for our Lunch and Learn when our guest Doug Stone will return.  Doug is one of the authors of a new book Thanks for the Feedback and during the call you will learn:

  • How to identify truth, relationship and identity triggers that block learning
  • How to separate appreciation, coaching and evaluation
  • How to uncover blind spots to see hidden impacts of our behaviors

Signature Executive Program - 18 days over 14 months

Fall 2014 - Click here for a complete schedule and to register - Cost $15,000

Open only to high potential individuals nominated by senior leadership in their organizations, this "for-leaders, by-leaders" executive education program was designed by leading business minds to develop the people and talent they most need to support the continued success of their organizations. The program offers a unique and engaging means of transferring leadership experience to the next generation of business leaders.

Emerging Leaders Program - 8 days over 8 months

Fall 2014 - Click here for a complete schedule and to register - Cost $6,000

Designed for high-potential managers who aspire to grow in their positions and progress toward executive level responsibilities.  With high accountability and focus on positive development change, this program will provide eight class days on those topics most foundational to leadership success.  Participants will be accountable to the class for reporting on their progress at each session.

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