April 18th, 2017 Monthly Conference Call

Join us at 12pm as Joe Scarlett and Mary Fink welcome special guest Dr. Andrew Johnston to discuss Conflict Management.

Topics to be explored:

  • The definition of conflict
  • That conflict in organizations is positive, not negative, as long as it is managed well. So why do so many people fear it and try to avoid it?
  • That there are five styles for managing and resolving conflict. We will describe the styles and talk about when each style is appropriate
  • What makes difficult conversations difficult
  • How to prepare for difficult conversations, so that we minimize emotion, and have more productive conversations

Dr. Andrew Johnston is a sought after teacher, coach, and consultant whose personal style and practical approach distinguish his work in corporate, academic, and non-profit contexts. Clients connect easily and deeply with him as he helps them increase their potential and inhabit it fully. Dr. Johnston is known for his commitment to preparing them for real world challenges and opportunities. This means his engagements are focused on results and he equips clients with new insights and strategies they can put to work immediately.

Dr. Johnston connects meaningfully with clients because he knows the charms and challenges of leadership himself. Twenty-five years of surviving and inspiring transformation as a senior-level leader have tested and tempered his own practice, and left him committed to empowering and encouraging others who want to lead and live well.

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