Boot Camp for New Managers

Target Audience:   Creates a foundation for leaders early in their career as new responsibilities for team management and leadership become part of their every day experience.

Day  1:  Team Building 
Learn individual styles through a behavioral assessment
Identify the stages of team development
Explore the reasons teams succeed or fail
Day 2:  Communication”Listening”Writing
Understand the elements of communication -- the critical skill in management
Discover individual communication style
Learn and practice good listening behaviors
Identify and practice good email skills
Day 3:  Prioritization/Building Trust
Identify and practice methods for prioritizing schedules 
Learn and practice methods for breaking down barriers between departments 
Understand the importance of creating a nurturing environment 
Increase trust among your staff by holding yourself and others accountable 
Day 4: Project Management
Learn the benefits of project management
Identify the secrets of successful project management
Project management process and tools
Day 5:  Dealing with Conflict
Explore the importance of valuing differences in colleagues
Discover individual mode of dealing with conflict
Understand the value of conflict, and the challenge of managing agreement
Day 6:  Leadership Style 
Identify leadership skills needed in today's business climate. 
Assess each participant's dominant leadership style, understand other styles available, and determine when to utilize each different style
Discuss the eight leadership skills in the book Monday Morning Leadership