Emerging Leaders


Emerging Leaders program is designed for high-potential managers who aspire to grow in their positions and progress toward executive level responsibilities.  With high accountability and focus on positive development change, this program will provide eight class days on those topics most foundational to leadership success.  Participants will be accountable to the class for reporting on their progress at each session.

Day 1:  Orientation and Team Building

  • Gain a better understanding of myself as a result of a  DISC behavioral assessment
  • Building behaviors of Trust and Communication between Teams
  • Understand the stages of team development

Day 2:  Presentation Leadership

  • Learn the components of presenting a successful presentation in five minutes of less
  • Understand the importance of stories in business presentations
  • Practice designing and delivering brief presentations (2) with confidence

Day 3: Coaching and Emotional Intelligence

  • Review the individual and organizational impact of successful leadership
  • Establish the link between Emotional Intelligence and inspired leadership
  • Define and explore the five components of Emotional Intelligence

Day 4: Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations

  • Harvard Case Studies conducted and practiced on negotiation role play
  • Discover a model for dealing with difficult people that minimizes emotion
  • Learn and practice three mindshifts of successful difficult conversations

Day 5: Change Management

  • Understand change management at three levels:  personal, group and leadership
  • Learn the six stages of the Change Cycle, and practice ways to assist employees in moving successfully through the stages
  • Use the Locator Assessment tool to determine where you are in the 6 stages of The Change Cycle and how to lead effectively through each stage

Day 6: Business Writing and Financials for non-Financial Managers

  • Learn to write professionally and effectively
  • How to read and interpret basic financial documents

Day 7: Networking, Professional Image and Social Media

  • Learn the importance of networking and practice methods for success
  • Building your personal brand identity
  • Understand the importance of a professional image - dress, fit, meal etiquette and conversing in social settings

Day 8: Leadership Style

  • Learn the model of Situational Leadership
  • Strengths Assessment - StandOut by Marcus Buckingham
  • Discover your individual strengths for optimal effectiveness as a leader