Rebecca Pitts

Protocol Officer
Personal and Professional Protocol

Rebecca Stroupe Pitts is a Personal and Professional Protocol Officer.  She teaches Business Etiquette, International Protocol and Tea Etiquette to individuals, corporations and institutions, as well as Modern Manners and Etiquette to Children, Teens and Young Adults. She is also trained in wait-staff training and operational transportation logistics and government protocol. 

Becky was trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington, Washington,   D.C., the leader in etiquette and protocol services.  She is a member of the Protocol and Diplomacy International Protocol Officers Association.  Becky is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She  retired as a Vice President and the Protocol Officer for Bank of America in July 2009.  During the 10 years as Protocol Officer for Bank of America, Becky trained approximately 48,000 associates and clients from young people to corporate executives.  She is active in her church and various community clubs and organizations.  Becky serves on the Board of Brookstone Schools.

Becky has been interviewed on TV, co-hosted a radio talk show and featured in  several magazines and newspaper articles. Becky has taped a TV series “From the Highchair to the Prom”. She is writing a book on “Making Powerful Connections.”

She is also an image improvement consultant, certified by Image Improvement, Inc., an international corporation since 1969. Becky believes that each of us is a “Message”.  Our image can enhance our confidence and success in the workplace and other areas of our lives.  Our “appearances do count”.  What kind of “Image” do you project?

Becky sees a demand and renewed interest of good manners in today’s world.  People are showing a desire to “Know and Do The Right Thing” and living the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  She believes that the teaching of good manners will restore society back to emphasizing the importance of Honor and Respect in our spiritual, family, educational and business lives. In today’s environment, we must do all we can to outclass any competition.