Signature Executive Program Curriculum

Retreat Week Topics:

Presenting Effectively

  • Recognize the need for and demonstrate a method of presentation that allows individuals to organize their thoughts and present them effectively and persuasively.

Handling Difficult Business Conversations

  • Develop the ability and courage to successfully plan and manage difficult business conversations, including diagnosing the challenge and moving from blame toward problem solving.

Understanding Your DISC

  • Identify the major elements of personality style and learn to enhance interpersonal relationships.

Coaching and Being Coached

  • Learn to use a people development process, incorporating developing a plan to make positive and measurable enhancements of individuals' strengths to the benefit of their organization.

Living a Balanced Life

  • Recognize and develop the ability to use methods that enable individuals to live their best lives, including life balance, optimism and resilience.

Developing People in Your Organization

  • Develop an environment in which learning and growth are ongoing high priorities.


Follow-Up Sessions Topics:

Best Practices in Employment

  • Review the various employment laws which impact organizations and their day-to-day business, including updates and new laws, and identify actions required to ensure compliance.


  • Identify ways to attract, recruit and hire the best personnel available.

Effective Listening

  • Develop the most critical communicating skill and make it an integral leadership tool.

Building Your Strengths

  • Optimize individual and team effectiveness by identifying strengths and finding ways to maximize the use of those strengths.


  • Learn and practice the important skill of storytelling in the organization.

Dealing with Change

  • Learn to lead organizations through change by increasing everyone's understanding of the change, including discussing the "un-discussable.

Business Integrity

  • Learn the importance of integrity in every area of business.

Level 5 Leadership

  • Learn the characteristics that distinguish leaders of great companies from those of companies with good, or acceptable, performance.

Managing the Generations in the Workplace

  • Understand the importance of managing each of the generations in the workplace to optimize performance.


Executive Panel Discussions Topics:

  • Ethics in Business   
  • Building and Supporting the Right Culture        
  • Your Learning Agenda
  • Decision Making at the Top     
  • Crisis Management  
  • Mergers/Acquisitions


Executive Mentoring:

Companies are to assign a senior executive as a mentor to regularly coach the student. Agenda topics will be provided and we request that mentoring sessions be conducted at least twice a month. It is also requested that the mentor not be the employee's immediate supervisor. Additional information regarding the mentoring process will be presented at the beginning of the program.