Date: 19/02/2019
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What's Your Learning Agenda

One of the things we remind our students about time after time is that they need to have a learning agenda that is theirs, not just their company’s agenda for them.  It can be as simple as a routine of reading a business journal weekly to something much more time-consuming.  It is critical that leaders keep up with what is happening in their organization, their industry and the business world in general.  Decision-making is difficult enough without trying to make them in a vacuum.  What are others in your industry doing?  What are other companies doing that is wildly successful and that you can build on.  Some find that reading (or listening to) books, journals and other publications is helpful.  Others prefer a more hands-on method, whether it be conferences and meetings within your profession, or learning new skills in a workshop or seminar.  Whatever your preference, it’s important to take the time to continue to learn throughout your career.  If it isn’t a habit of yours already, why not make it one starting today?

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