Date: 23/01/2019
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Leaders learn to be good public speakers

Public speaking is difficult for all of us and to some it can even be terrifying.  Many people say standing in front of a group delivering a talk is the greatest fear in life.  The way to overcome the fear is simply to do it. I know.  I know.  I used to be scared to death but have overcome the fear by forcing myself into situations where public speaking was required.

Speaking is like any other skill in life – the more you do it the better you will become. Good planning and lots of practice are the keys to becoming a good speaker.  Outline your talk focusing on only a few key points and be sure to get your opening and closing remarks down pat. Practice your talk out loud in front of a mirror.  Record yourself and then listen; then do it again – you will slowly gain confidence. Don’t memorize – just practice.  Video is even better if it is available.

Your audience does not know that you are nervous, or confused, or that you just missed a key point – only you do – so just keep going. Arrive at your speaking venue early and get comfortable with your surroundings.  Dress one level up – you need to look like a pro. You can also get a book on public speaking and take a class.

Effective leaders communicate mission, values, direction, objectives, etc. to the team.  People follow leaders that communicate clearly and frequently.  Your team looks to you for leadership and needs to hear your message in order to deliver the results you want to achieve.  When you speak regularly and clearly they will develop confidence and respect for you.  And, you will gain greater confidence in yourself.

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