Date: 19/02/2019
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Use your Intuition and Instinct

I used to think “stick with facts” and you will make the best decisions. Then early in my career I had a real wake-up call when I hired the “perfect candidate” for a position and it wall went in flames a month or so later.  My instincts said this was not a fit but the facts on the resume said this was a perfect fit.

That lesson put me on a path of blending the facts with how I feel about the situation. The same could be applied to any decision – personnel, strategic, or financial.  In making product line decisions at Tractor Supply we would often hear “but we can sell that” and in fact we could sell that. However sometimes my instincts would lead me to question whether that was the right product and did it fit our image in the eye of the customer.

The message here is not to skip the facts in decision making but to blend the facts with your instincts which are likely be of great value. Your instincts are the sum total of your life experiences and sure should count in your decision making.
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