Date: 19/02/2019
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Using your "bully pulpit" to promote the really big ideas

If you are reading this blog you are most likely in a leadership role.  Your position puts you on a pedestal – maybe a small one or maybe a big one - but for sure you do have some clout.  When you speak, people listen, so make sure your words really mean something.  What is the one big idea that you want to promote that will help improve your business operation? Figure it out and then outline the way you want to convince others that this is the right path for the business.

Once you have decided on that big idea use the power of you role to promote that idea and stick to the one idea. A shotgun approach of new ideas confuses your constituents and blurs your message. Focus on a single topic makes it easy for people to follow. With a regular focus on one key thought people will likely get engaged and add to your thinking on the topic and may help crystalize your thoughts and words more clearly. Stay with your one really important idea and talk about clearly and at the most opportune times. I’ll bet you will be surprised at your success in bringing about positive change.

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