Date: 19/02/2019
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Coach your team (and everyone else)

When you are old and gray and look back on your career you will take the most pride in those you helped in their careers.  So try to put coaching on the front burner, not the back burner.  The same principle pertains to your family – spend time coaching your children because they are the ones you want to be most proud of.

Share your experiences – the good ones and the bad ones.  Conclude each coaching session with a discussion of the lessons you learned.  Telling real life stories is the best way to teach and coach those you are trying to develop.

When I worked at Tractor Supply I spent a big portion of my time on the road visiting stores with District Mangers and others. After each store visit we would recap that store and then move along to the next store which gave me time in the car to coach.  We did the same at lunch and dinner.  I took great pride in asking questions, telling stories and generally helping to build the skills of our leaders.

Leaders develop leaders and a conscious effort at coaching your stars will pay huge personal dividends.

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