Date: 19/02/2019
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Set Clear Direction

When you are in a leadership role it is incumbent on you to set the direction for your team.  You have all heard the old adage that “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” A lack of direction on your part is a sure recipe for a lack of accomplishment.  On the other hand a clear, concise, measurable direction will put your team on a path for success.

Communication of direction is every leader’s responsibility. Start by explaining the organization’s overall mission and then dive into the direction for your unit. Be as clear as you can and then lead a discussion that includes questions so that you clear up any potential misunderstanding. Next, be repetitious - talk about the direction twice as often as you think you should.  The more clearly your team understands the goals the more likely they will help you achieve and the more likely they will add their own ideas that in many cases could improve the outcome.

Everyone wants to be a winner so report the results to the team.  The more measurements the better. “When I see myself as winning I will work that much harder.”  Leaders set clear direction, communicate regularly, listen carefully and report the results to the team.

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