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Networking and Leadership

It occurred to me this afternoon as we were having our monthly conference call, this one being on the topic of networking, that this skill is one of the best things leaders can pass along to their staff members.  Leadership being all about relationships, it makes perfect sense that great leaders will model for their staff the importance of networking as well as encouraging them learn how to do it well.  I can imagine that some leaders would not encourage their staff to build relationships outside the organization (except for sales) because they would not want them to become aware of opportunities that might take them away from their organization.  I have always believed, however, that an organization has a responsibility to encourage staff to improve for whatever reason.  When the economy is failing and many fear for their jobs, I believe it is the obligation of an organization who can’t promise employment to everyone to keep them employable by whatever means possible, including training, education, and a wide network of people on whom they can call.

So become a model networker.  It will serve your staff well, and you will find that you get huge benefits from it as well.

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