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Meet strangers and have fun at the same time

I remember a story my friend Joe Calloway told during a motivational speech to Tractor Supply store managers many years ago.  Joe was challenging the group to network, get engaged and generally get out of your shell. He made the point that there is so much to be learned from simply talking to other people. So here is his challenge:

Next time you are in an elevator move to the front, turn around, face the other people and find some way to start a conversation.  Comment on the weather, talk about lunch, compliment someone on their apparel, or just about anything that enters your mind.

Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? It is really fun – I’ve been doing it for years and have fun every time. Not one person has ever gotten upset. People love it and you become sort of a mini-star in the elevator. Try it – you will likely have fun and may even meet a business prospect.

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