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Your Most Important Decisions are People Decisions

As I reflect on fifty years in business it is clear that the most important decisions I made were about the selection of the people around me.   If you associate with the right people and select the right people for your team you have the highest likelihood of success.  And, of course, the opposite is true – surround yourself with losers and you will likely not shine in life.

Let’s start close to home – your spouse. This is the most important decision you will ever make. Get it right.  Choose the best long term partner for you.  A failed marriage is disruptive to your life and your career. When your spouse is not only your lover but also your best friend and career confidant your likelihood of business success surges.

The same principle pertains to the choices you make about your friends and your staff. You will improve your skills most by associating with winners. You will enhance your chances of getting ahead by spending time with leaders who are willing to coach and mentor. And when it comes time to make decisions about promotion and hiring make it your number one priority. Select the best or as I like to say “surround yourself with stars and you can become a star.”

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